Summer is a wonderful time for catching up on our reading – whether business, pleasure, or something in between.

This month, we sought out recommendations from leaders in our biopharma ecosystem, which is why we are calling today’s e-conversation,“Reading Recommendations from the High Cs” (C-Suite, VCs, and Commercial Leaders in Biopharma).

We asked for book recommendations across the following three categories:

  • Business
  • Biopharma Industry
  • Refreshing Pleasure

We are grateful for the tremendous response we received and were impressed by the suggestions across all categories (even the pleasure reading was heavy-duty)!

You can view the full list here.

Enjoy! We hope you get a chance to sample these over the coming months and that they help to expand your point of view across both your personal and business lives! Virtual book club anyone?

(The books on the list link to Amazon, but feel free to purchase them the old fashioned way – at a bookstore!)