Our Capabilities

We truly connect with our clients and seamlessly leverage industry experience to deliver the right support at the right time.

Our team has the breadth and depth of expertise that enables us to provide cross-functional counsel to our clients at all phases of the product lifecycle.

Opportunity Assessment and Due Diligence


Our team is well-versed in the competitive marketplace. From supporting the analysis of acquisitions to indication prioritization, we conduct targeted market research and build forecast models to assist clients’ decision-making.


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New Product Planning and Brand Strategy


We are experts in helping to define product strategy and create an actionable brand plan. Whether a high-level market snapshot or a detailed market assessment, we help our clients understand the commercial implications of development decisions.


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Commercialization Strategy and Launch Support


We know how to bring medicines to market. We help chart out the critical commercial development activities over time and in alignment with the clinical development plan, key milestones, and product commercialization objectives, to bring our clients’ products to patients.


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Medical Affairs Planning and Execution


We optimize the valuable connection between clinical research and commercial teams. From defining scientific strategy and defining publication and congress plans to collaborate with field medical teams on territory strategy and KOL mapping, our consultants are adept at building and optimizing core aspects of medical affairs organizations.


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Workshop Facilitation and Organizational Support


We strive to take workshops and brainstorming sessions to a higher level. Our goal is to help enhance engagement and achieve consensus. Through insight gathering and analysis, our team identifies unique organizational needs and creates opportunities for collaboration to ensure momentum beyond a single workshop.


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