Opportunity Assessment and Due Diligence

Using a validated, iterative approach to help prioritize future investments


Our client has a portfolio of compounds that target a biological pathway with broad clinical potential across a range of therapeutic applications. The NemetzGroup was asked to provide support by engaging the leadership team in prioritizing how and where to make investments in the portfolio.


Through a series of in-person and virtual workshops, The NemetzGroup team gained alignment on prioritization criteria and weighting. We conducted secondary market research and created an initial prioritization to review with our client. Using our iterative approach, we then conducted primary research for the high priority indications to validate prior research and answer key questions. We collaborated with our client to discuss potential portfolio strategies and prepare a recommendation for the board of directors.


The NemetzGroup was able to use its validated framework and engaging process to create focus and define an action plan for the organization. Our collaborative client-based approach ensured that the output was supported across the organization and consistent with the corporate vision.