Commercialization Strategy and Launch Support

Building a map for product commercialization


Our client’s leadership team had limited commercial and launch experience. A new VP of commercial was brought on board and enlisted The NemetzGroup’s assistance with developing a commercialization plan for the lead product, which was in Phase 2 of clinical development. The NemetzGroup also supported efforts to educate the leadership team on the map and establish a cross-functional planning forum to expand the plan further and ensure buy-in.


The NemetzGroup first facilitated a cross-functional planning workshop to build alignment around the product and development assumptions, and define the commercialization objectives through launch. Based on these assumptions and objectives, The NemetzGroup developed an integrated 3-year commercialization map, which laid out all of the cross-functional activities required to drive successful launch and commercialization of the lead product. In addition, The NemetzGroup developed a plan for building the commercial and medical affairs organizations and created a commercialization budget that monetized the map activities.


The VP of commercial successfully communicated the plan to the organization and gained support. He was able to secure the appropriate funding for the plan and kick-off high-priority initiatives. The cross-functional team used the map as their basis for planning and dialogue around interdependencies and launch imperatives, resulting in company-wide alignment.