Embedded Commercialization Support

Transitioning from commercialization mapping to embedded support


Our client was conducting a Phase 3 clinical trial of a drug to treat a rare form of muscular dystrophy. The internal client team had deep disease area and scientific knowledge but limited commercialization and launch experience. The client engaged The NemetzGroup to map out the critical commercialization activities and associated budget for its lead asset in order to inform implementation priorities, communications, and decision-making.


The NemetzGroup worked collaboratively with the client to develop a 3-year commercialization map and budget through launch, ensuring that there was knowledge-transfer and engagement throughout the process. Once the client had internalized and aligned around the commercialization plan, they engaged The NemetzGroup to implement critical initiatives identified in the map in the absence of an internal commercialization team.


The NemetzGroup became the acting commercial team for our client, providing commercial insights to inform key business decisions, leading the execution of high-priority efforts, supporting partnering, Board, and investor communications, and serving as an internal resource for the organization. When the client’s Chief Commercial Officer was hired, he continued to engage The NemetzGroup as his commercial team prior to building his internal group.