Workshop Facilitation and Organizational Support

Creating an interdisciplinary, multi-partner collaboration and planning forum


Our client was initiating a Phase 3 trial for its specialty pain medication and had retained The NemetzGroup LLC to assist with commercialization planning and budgeting. The client had also partnered with several other firms to provide specialized capabilities, including corporate communications, medical communications, market access, and partnering/financing expertise. The NemetzGroup recommended creating a forum whereby members of the partner firms and client colleagues could convene to share assumptions, functional plans, and best practices.


The NemetzGroup developed the model and agenda for the collaboration forum, established engagement with the client, and then met with all of the firms to share high-level commercialization objectives and gain insight into each firm’s priorities and efforts. We also created clear business rules to respect proprietary concepts. The teams all came together for a full-day planning session during which we developed a shared set of priorities and objectives for the product and identified ways to continuously partner with one another openly and effectively.


All of the firms who participated in the forum cited that this was an incredibly unique and inspiring process. They felt that they gained better strategic insight into the company and product and were able to clearly understand the imperatives and critical priorities going forward. The templates that we developed for the client allowed them to incorporate the forum output into other business decisions, leading to a successful round of funding.