Brand Strategy

Developing a brand plan to tell a concise, compelling story supported by marketplace insights


Our client, a small emerging biotech, wanted to create a brand plan for its lead asset in Phase 3 development. There were only two individuals within the organization with commercialization responsibilities; therefore, it was important for us to act as an extension of their team, and to recognize traditional workshops with numerous cross-functional team members would not be feasible.


The NemetzGroup team developed an approach that included synthesis of real-time insights from ongoing market research and three working sessions. The initial deliverable was a strategic narrative that concisely summarized the key marketplace factors that would drive the brand strategy and a working session to develop an insight generation plan to address any knowledge gaps identified. We then helped refine the discussion guide for qualitative market research to ensure our key business questions were captured. Following market research, we conducted a working session to revise the brand strategy based on the findings. Lastly, we conducted a working session to develop functional tactical plans and budgets to support the overarching brand strategy.


The team quickly embraced the brand plan as the central, foundational document regarding the Phase 3 asset story. The brand plan was frequently leveraged in numerous forums, including partnership discussions, internal executive updates, and Board of Director presentations. In collaboration with The NemetzGroup, the team conducted two quarterly updates based on marketplace changes and events.