New Product Planning and Brand Strategy

Elevating the brand planning approach and creating a consistent framework


Our client, a subsidiary of a global pharma company, wanted to gain alignment around a standard process and structure for the creation of oncology brand plans across products. It was also important that cross-functional roles and responsibilities were clearly outlined for the brand leads and their teams.


The NemetzGroup team designed and facilitated a workshop to identify goals of excellence for the brand plans. We developed a standard process, plan template, and calendar that the client leadership team supported. We collaborated with brand leads to synthesize key market insights and develop brand strategies with strategic imperatives. Once the cross-functional teams were aligned on the strategy, we finalized practical templates and created an agreed-upon taxonomy for the brand plan teams to ensure consistent communication.


As a result of our work, the client had brand plans and budgets that were consistent across products and approved in a timely manner. The coaching provided by our consultants created cross-functional agreement around roles, responsibilities, and methodology, and was critical to the success of this effort.