The Power of Target Product Profiles: Three Case Studies

In the biopharma industry, the Target Product Profile (TPP) is a critical tool for guiding the development and commercialization of new drugs.

Unlocking Success: The Power of Target Product Profiles

In the ever-evolving biopharma landscape, success hinges not just on innovation but also on a clear roadmap guiding clinical and commercial development.

Unfinished Business on the Glass Ceiling

Reflecting on my career and the significant societal and technological shifts during those years, I see it as split between two generations, each half so different from the other.

Governance: The Glue to a Successful Launch

At the core of every successful launch lies a meticulously crafted plan, a robust governance structure, and expert management of its execution.

Your Data Needs a Strategy

In the not-so-distant past, physician prescribing data was essentially a commodity with limited breadth or depth for the purposes of drug development and commercialization. Two primary third-party providers aggregated data from essentially the same sources.

Success in Rare Disease: Patient Involvement Matters!

This past December, the FDA finalized its guidance on rare diseases with the publication Rare Diseases: Considerations for the Development of Drugs and Biological Products. This FDA guidance has been in draft form since 2019.

Juggling Geographic Commercialization Priorities

Commercializing a pharmaceutical asset in one country is hard enough. Doing it on a global scale, with multiple country differences, is exponentially more difficult.

Happy Anniversary to Us!

I grew up in the Midwest — the middle child in a large family. We were each tagged with certain labels and expectations: the smart ones, the overachievers, and the ones still trying to find themselves (and that was before it was fashionable).

Hybrid Work Strategies: 3 Tips to Transform Engagement

In this post-COVID era, our clients have experienced a culture shift — driven by remote work, digital transformation, accelerated innovation, and a focus on employee well-being. Changes in supply chain, clinical trials, and regulatory dynamics have accentuated all of this.

Medical Affairs: An Orchestra, Not a Horse Race

Every horse race has a starting bell, a push to move as fast as possible, and a finish line. In many ways, the launch of a new drug can feel similar. But the metaphor only goes so far — launch preparation is not simply about speed, and in this case, the “horses” keep changing, and the track is anything but predictable.

A better metaphor is that of an orchestra, with many instruments contributing distinctly at specific times. All play the same piece of music but contribute based on their respective roles.