I looked out at the Zoom faces of my newly-formed, second company — our software development partner, our SaaS product advisor, and our product head Kristin Fahy (previously with The NemetzGroup), all who wanted to help turn the vision I had into a reality. Internally, we called it “NewCo” (we are nothing, if not creative). We all knew the risks of a startup.

At the time, most of the country was shut down and had been for a few weeks. Layoffs were mounting, the biopharma ecosystem — not to mention the world at large! — was facing tremendous uncertainty. And here I was, building a tech startup, self-financed with personal assets that Jim and I had saved over our 30-year marriage.

I knew what my fellow Zoomers were wondering, but not asking, “Are we still going to build this thing during a pandemic?” But until that moment, I didn’t know that my answer would be, “Now, more than ever, companies need what we are building! I believe in this product; we’re going ahead with Corval!”

Corval is a SaaS platform, one that enables early- to mid-stage companies (with corresponding early- to mid-stage budgets) to free themselves from the fragmented commercialization planning process and create a comprehensive strategic roadmap that is completely aligned with the company, product, and vision.

Even now, as I think back on my certainty and the relief I saw on the faces staring back at me, I wonder, “Where did that confidence come from?” I hadn’t even confirmed with my silent-investor-husband that this was my plan.

I wish I could share some brilliant entrepreneurial answer to the last question, sage advice from a woman late in her career, a savvy visionary story… But the truth is, I have no idea, and I don’t want to make up an answer for you, the loyal recipients of this e-conversation.

I do know this: There is a problem that needs solving.

Early- to mid-stage biopharma companies need to be freed from the fragmented commercialization planning processes that they endure today. Freed from the laborious Gantt charts built in silos, to defend a budget that isn’t tied to the clinical development plan and that is perpetually at risk (depending on the financing environment of the day). Freed, so that they can apply their brilliant, innovative minds to building the capabilities required, solving the complex issues, and ensuring that patients get the absolutely best scientific solutions to treat their disease.

What If …?

What if … there was a platform for these early- to mid-stage companies to create a commercialization roadmap in a manner that was completely aligned with their company, product, and strategy?

What if … it were possible to create a budget and resource plan from that customized roadmap and filter it by activity, function, or accounting code?

What if … the platform was designed with these companies, specifically in mind, and was affordable for their size and budget?

What if … the platform could be used by — an individual, multiple functions across the entire company, in collaboration with a favorite consultant, or across all three?

What if … the collaborative nature of this platform helped elevate commercialization as a mindset — represented by a single source of truth and an organization-wide effort to bring their innovative medicines to the market?

What if … when a company begins to hire its team, this same platform could help build for the future to onboard these new contributors, providing them with strategic planning tools so they can focus on the implementation priorities needed to bring therapies to market and even into the “launch” phase?

To be clear, I’m not talking about a “launch planning tool;” I’m talking about the full commercialization map that you can do 3, 4, 5 years from any approval that will provide guidance for now and build for the future. Something that guides and encapsulates all of the work required to even get the chance to build a launch plan.

Corval will do all of that while freeing you to think bigger, focus more intently, and to better utilize the precious resources your investors have committed to your company and the patients you seek to serve.

THIS is where I found my confidence in the early phase of the pandemic. THIS is what I believe is possible. THIS is what we are building in Corval! THIS is why I am so incredibly excited to further meet the needs of biopharma leaders who are doing so much good already, but without the commercialization tools they need.

What Happens Next?

As I write this, we are in the process of beta testing our first release. (This could be a great opportunity for you if you need a synopsis of your commercialization story and are willing to share feedback about your experience to help us make the product better).

We will update our preliminary website, www.Corval.io, to share the full story in early January, just before JPM. Our product launch is scheduled for Q1 2021. (Please reply here or add your name to the form on the website if you would like to be on our Corval mailing list, get an early look at the future, or just stay up to date!)

Final Thoughts

Overall, our goal in launching Corval is to organize and simplify today’s complex and fragmented commercialization process. Our vision is to empower leaders in early- to mid-stage companies to focus on delivering innovative therapies for patients and, in turn, drive the success of their respective companies.

As a separate company, we will be able to scale to serve any of the thousands of biopharma companies developing therapies for patients in need. As CEO, I can build a new team of experienced tech leaders and with Kristin Fahy by my side as Chief Strategy and Product Officer.

In parallel, I will also continue my CEO role at The NemetzGroup, working with my talented leadership team and industry-experienced consultants to serve the complex strategic and commercialization needs we are known to deliver. I love our team and model and want to stay close to you, our biopharma leaders. Marnie Hoolahan, an executive consultant with us for nine years, has assumed the new role of Managing Director and will help me ensure we continue to focus our efforts supporting our clients in the unique and flexible way that we do. We are growing and adapting, and we’re having a great time doing it even in these uncertain times.

I am truly blessed and grateful to have this abundance of opportunity to make a difference in our shared industry.

Stay tuned and thank you for your support!