Lori Horvat, a Senior Consultant at The Nemetz Group.

Lori Horvat

Senior Consultant

Lori has extensive experience supporting and launching assets in oncology and is passionate about leveraging actionable insights to make sound business decisions. Lori’s leadership skills and collaborative spirit help drive effective teamwork and achievement of corporate goals.

Lori joined The NemetzGroup in 2016 with over 20 years of industry and consulting experience in oncology and global marketing. Her expertise includes new product planning, lifecycle management, brand strategy and execution, business development, and asset valuation. Lori is a highly effective leader with skills that range the commercialization spectrum.

She successfully launched many therapies while at ARIAD, where she was VP of Marketing, responsible for Global Marketing, US Marketing, and Global Commercial Analytics. Additionally, she was a member of the Joint Development & Commercialization Committee for the ARIAD/Otsuka Alliance in Japan.

Lori received her BS from the United States Naval Academy, her MS from Central Michigan University, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.