Colleen Moore

Executive Consultant

US and European clients value Colleen’s strategic thinking, problem-solving skills, and collaborative style. Colleen’s incredible talent to find people’s strengths, nurture them, and expertly guide them to succeed has helped her maintain long-lasting relationships with her clients.

Colleen joined The NemetzGroup in 2005. She brings over 25 years of consulting and biopharma experience in marketing, strategy development, operations, and project management within the life sciences and high-tech industries. Colleen’s keen analytical skills, collaborative problem-solving approach, and broad exposure across therapeutic areas enable an interdisciplinary approach to the key questions of commercial and brand strategy.

Prior to consulting in the biopharmaceutical industry, Colleen was the Director of Commercial Operations at Millennium Pharmaceuticals and was also integral in developing the company’s commercial, personalized medicine, and VELCADE launch strategies. Colleen also held business leadership roles at Scient Corporation, Microsoft, and Digital Equipment Corporation (now Hewlett Packard).

Colleen earned her Bachelor of Science in Finance from Boston College and an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management.