Liz Tufo, a Senior Consultant at The Nemetz Group.

Liz Tufo

Senior Consultant

Liz creates structure throughout all levels of an organization by helping leaders define their objectives, drill down on the critical priorities, and execute against them to achieve success.

Liz joined The NemetzGroup in 2014 with a collective consulting, marketing, and client management history of over 15 years. Liz is able to navigate the dynamic industry to adapt to the evolving needs of our clients while defining “right-sized” recommendations to meet your objectives. In her tenure at The NemetzGroup, Liz has managed both strategic and tactical initiatives for clients, including market research, brand planning, commercialization mapping, and organizational planning. Liz also often plays a role in defining long-range planning processes and functional plans to build the organization to achieve its goals successfully. Liz is highly valued as an embedded resource on our team for her ability to help clients focus on critical priorities to achieve their leadership objectives.

She has a background in professional marketing across life science and healthcare provider organizations through her tenure at White Rhino and LehmanMillet (now known as PrecisionEffect).

Liz holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Suffolk University and an MBA from Bentley University.