Workshop Facilitation and Organizational Support

Defining a strategic planning process and creating a scientific product plan


Within our client’s medical affairs organization, the strategy function was accountable for creating the scientific and medical strategic plans for a portfolio of in-line and pipeline products. The strategy team members were often immersed in day-to-day tactical execution and did not have the bandwidth or skills to lead a cross-functional process to build the strategy and associated tactical plans.


We needed to rapidly identify the needs of internal stakeholders and how this group of leaders could implement a credible planning process, continue to respond to multiple internal and external needs, and prepare to launch several new drugs. We worked with the medical team to create a detailed outline of the medical product strategic plan and then collaborated with each product lead to facilitate a series of bi-weekly workshops to gain cross-functional input. Upon completion of the project, we delivered comprehensive, fully-vetted medical strategic plans for each product and implemented a process and operating principles to ensure that the plans guided efforts and were updated regularly.


This work resulted in several tangible deliverables including robust product medical strategic plans for multiple products, cross-functional meeting charters, a strategic lexicon, and a strategic compendium that continue to inform medical affairs activities today. We also worked with the teams to elevate their strategy development and enhance their communication skills leading to improved collaboration across the company.