Opportunity Assessment and Due Diligence

Evaluating and prioritizing opportunities through detailed analysis


Our client was developing a novel gene therapy that had potential applications in a diverse set of therapeutic areas. With a dozen indications to analyze in an abbreviated timeframe, the client needed to expand its internal bandwidth to assess and prioritize the multiple opportunities.


The NemetzGroup team conducted commercial assessments for three of the lead indications. After preparing the initial assessments based on secondary research, we conducted KOL and payer interviews, which enabled us to create validated forecast models for each opportunity. In addition to the market assessments and forecasts, our final recommendation included a ranking of the three indications and a qualitative and quantitative analysis that assessed strategic implications for the portfolio.


The client team utilized our recommendations in an internal cross-functional workshop where all opportunities were evaluated and prioritized. As a result of the workshop, The NemetzGroup’s primary recommendation was the highest-priority indication from the full set of twelve potential indications.