New Product Planning

Serving as an embedded commercial team to support an early-stage company with limited resources


Our client was a start-up biopharmaceutical company with a small staff and limited financial resources. They recognized the need to ensure commercial perspectives were considered as its clinical development plan progressed; however, resources were constrained so they were unable to hire a commercial team.


Together with the program team, The NemetzGroup identified critical commercial priorities for the company, including:  indication prioritization, opportunity assessment, market and competitive insight gathering, and forecast development. We assumed responsibility for new product planning implementation and provided the organization with commercial guidance on critical development decisions. As our client prepared for a Phase 3 clinical trial, we developed a three-year commercialization map that identified the key activities necessary to prepare for and execute a successful launch.


By leveraging embedded NemetzGroup resources, our client was able to ensure that its development program was guided by experienced commercial thinking, yet the company limited its fixed investment due to the flexible nature of the engagement.