Commercialization Strategy and Support

Helping a client define its role in a rapidly-evolving competitive market


Our client had launched a new chemotherapy one year prior to our engagement with them. As the company implemented the global launch of the product, a new competitor with an oral therapy emerged and sales of our client’s therapy were being adversely impacted. The NemetzGroup worked with the client to evaluate market dynamics, redefine the positioning and strategy of its product, and drive internal alignment on the recommended strategy.


The NemetzGroup worked across multiple functions at the client to understand the product, competition, and perceptions in the market. Through one-on-one interviews, we assessed the strengths and areas for improvement of its global launch effort. To further define the brand strategy, we conducted interviews with 30 KOLs to test strategic concepts, gain input on a new messaging platform, and clarify market segmentation. To support the messaging strategy, we developed a clinical compendium of data and presented this internal education piece to cross-functional stakeholders globally to ensure alignment of the messaging across regions.


The market positioning, customer segmentation, and messaging strategy has been leveraged and has continued to evolve over the course of our four-year relationship with this client as the company differentiates its product and establishes its role in treatment.